Getting the most out of your
G60 Corrado
by: Randy Tomlinson
from: EuroTuner magazine volume 1 no. 1

Corrado owners are a proud group. They are, at just the hint of a challenge, quick to stand behind their somewhat rare and quirky cars. There's even a Corrado Club on the web, and strong used car prices indicate the Corrados may someday become collectors cars.

If any word describes the G60 version, however, quirky is it. I will share with you the fruit of a 2 year intensive search for G60 perfection, including the quirks I found and fixed, and the ones that were unfixable. Knowledge came from various sources, including Corrado Firehawk race teams, crackerjack VW mechanics, an extensive automotive repair database, and many G60 owners, as well as countless tests and repairs I've done here. If you own a G60, you'll save yourself a lot of time and grief by reading on. Chances are yours can easily be made faster, better handling, smoother, and more reliable.

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