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The transmission of the Corrado is noisy compared to previous VW transmissions. There have been several updates. I had trouble with third gear synchronizers. In spite of what various test reports have said, the Corrado shifter is excellent for normal driving, long throws and all. It just clicks into gear with extremely low effort. Who knows what journalists had been thinking when they bad-mouthed the Corrado shifter? Frankly, the were wrong. The Corrado shifter, and the VW shifters that followed it, shift like a hot knife in butter. Snick, snick, snick.

Speed shifting is another story. It's almost impossible to do it consistently. If you could, you wouldn't have that awful two second delay before fuel enrichment every time you shifted gears.

Neuspeed has finally come out with a short shift kit for the Corrado, but it's expensive (AWE has one for much less $). One magazine raved about dropping that "dreaded cable shifter" and vastly improving shifting with the introduction of the VR6. They were wrong. The cable shifter remained the same with the exception of some weights added to improve "feel".

The Bentley manual tells which parts were upgraded, so you can buy your own shifter weights if you like. VW uses a very expensive (at least if you buy it from them) synthetic transmission oil. I don't like it as much as Redline MTL. This 75-80 wt or it's 80-90 cousin will make your VW shift better than any other (use MT 90 in the Corrado). Change it every 25,000 miles.

Then there are the CV joints. For optimum CV joint life, wash out all the old grease and replace it with Redline grease with moly. The Redline has incredible high temperature characteristics. I had constant trouble with the inner CV joint below the exhaust. The stock grease wouldn't take the heat. Redline solved the problem once and for all.

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