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Lighting and Electronics


I found the stock VW headlights to be garbage. Typical of the stuff that antique US lighting laws have foisted on us over the years. The low beam is too low, and the high beam is too high. Optimum alighnment is impossible. The headlights cost a fortune from the dealer, yet don't even compare in brightness to regular old Sylvania halogens available for Rabbitts. Larger (100 watt) bulbs hardly help at all.

European headlights, however are a different story. Their optics are dramatically better than stock. Just recently several companies have introduced ultra-bright bulbs that fit VW headlights. These bulbs don't depend on hugh wattage for their brilliant white light, so you won't need special headlight relays, and their performance is on par with European headlights using standard halogen bulbs. Highly reccomended. The G-60 uses a 9004 bulb.

Another reccomended mod (available at the Corrado Club website) is on the power operated spoiler controller. You can easily modify yours to raise the spoiler at speeds over 65 mph, extending it's life.

A final quirk: if your mpg indicator sometimes jumps to 99.9 mpg, don't worry. Lots of them do that for no apparent reason.


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